There are a number of uses for ultrasound technology that can improve the quality of health care women receive before, during and after childbirth. Gynecological health may not be the favorite topic of everyone, but the advancements in technology that are making this type of health care easier, faster and more effective at diagnosing problems should be appreciated by all women.

The best obgyn nyc has to offer will provide innovative screenings that can help to detect everything from Down’s Syndrome early in a pregnancy to checking for cysts or uterine fibroid tumors. Of course, its most frequent use is over the course of a pregnancy to repeatedly check the health and growth of the baby while also monitoring the health of the mother.

Women are regularly scanned at the beginning of the second trimester to ensure the baby is growing correctly and to check for visual signs of abnormalities. It is also a useful method of determining if a multiple birth is expected, or to get a more correct gauge of how far along the fetus is in it development. Since not every woman can pinpoint exactly when pregnancy may have occurred, this gives them a better idea of what their actual due date should be.

Fetal echo tests and 3D ultrasound imaging may also be needed if there are any history of certain genetic diseases or if any other health scare arises. The 3D technology allows the specialist to review the anatomy of the baby in better detail and the echo test will provide a closer look at the heart of the developing fetus.

Additional tests at the womens imaging center nyc patients can receive include those designed for women with special health concerns. This includes tests for those who have had a history of miscarriage or have experienced multiple issues like abnormal bleeding, ovarian cysts or have experienced ectopic pregnancies.


These tests reduce the worry of the unknown that many women used to have to endure. Many are also able to eliminate the need for invasive testing and procedures. This can save the patient time, discomfort and money. An early pregnancy diagnosis will always help the mother and the fetus to have the best opportunity for good health. Contact the clinic today to find out more.